House of










"If you know the enemy and know yourself, your victory will not stand in doubt"


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Production Artist: Ainz, 

Creative Director: Fragtastic Rex


Our team is a null-sec based Company settled in an area protected by a large family of alliances.

We are focused on team work and the 3 M's;

Manufacturing, Mining, and Military. 

We are led by helpful and friendly EO experienced military pilots.

Who are we?

-The House of 3 M's-

[HOME] Corporation 
A member of Golden Horde Alliances

Corp specialty : Mining, Industry, PVE, PVP
Corp accepts : casual to hardcore players

House of M Enterprises has a relaxed atmosphere, great programs, guided lessons if needed and a secure Null-Sec environment to operate in.

Real life comes first and your place will always be here at HOME.


We live by our motto of Strength, Honor and Loyalty. 


Our main focus is to provide players with a fun and successful atmosphere. We are a tight knit community that's dedicated to making the HOME Corporation a Military, Mining and Manufacturing powerhouse within New Eden.

A member of
[GOLD] Golden Horde Alliance 
Founding alliance of the


"We mine, we build, we raid, and we conquer"

House of M Enterprises.Org  2019-And beyond.

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