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Coming together is a beginning; staying together is progress;

working together is success.

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Community First-

  • We put community first and believe in helping others.

  • You will never be just another number in Home.

  • We believe that everyone's input can shape the future of our corporation.

  • You can rise through the ranks of Home and be what you desire to be.


Protection and Comradery-

  • Ore buyback program at very competitive rates.

  • Home Employed Miner Program (HEMP).

  • Fleet activities with one of the largest Coalitions in New Eden.

  • Protection and Education.


All Are Welcome-

  • If you are a Miner, in Manufacturing or a Military pilot you are welcome in our ranks.

  • Discord users.

  • Team players that are tech level 6 or above for our main corp HOME, but all players of any level can be accepted into our training corp NERD. 

  • We are recruiting active omega pilots.

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